Lucky winners everywhere

October was full of different events which we attended and supported in different ways, and at some of those events there were lucky participants who got a chance to win a personal AppCode license. We would like to congratulate the lucky winners once again.

We were glad to be a part of iOS 7 Feast on, and we wish all the best to these winners:

  • John Olson
  • Janie Clayton-Hasz
  • Luigi Di Muzio
  • Thomas Hempel

10 attendees of Mobilization^3 Conference that took place in Lodz, Poland, are enjoying AppCode now after getting lucky in a raffle:

  • Bogdan Bęczkowski
  • Kamila Wojciechowska
  • Dmitry Kolesnikov
  • Jakub Salamon
  • Marcin Bujacz
  • Mikołaj Kmita
  • Tomasz Rejdrych
  • Damian Tarnacki
  • Łukasz Piotrowski
  • Maciej Sienkiewicz

And that’s not the end of it! 5 attendees of #Pragma Conference 2013 can now greatly boost their productivity with the new IDE in their tool belt:

  • Stefano Zingarini
  • Klaus Lanzarini
  • Claudia Grilli
  • Francesco Abbo
  • Giuseppe Arici

Congratulations to all the winners! We hope you enjoy your prizes and develop with pleasure!

One more thing. In today’s episode of UISprech, the first German podcast about iOS development, there will be something from us for its listeners;)

The AppCode Team