JetBrains C++ IDE: Status update & Video report

Update: Cross-platform C/C++ IDE goes public as CLion!

We know many of you are waiting for a cross-platform C++ IDE we announced some time ago, as we’ve received quite a few applications for a private preview. We were really impressed with your feedback and increasing eagerness concerning our new IDE, and we want to update you on the current state of its development.

The private preview build for some early birds (whose projects are covered with the capabilities already available in the preview) is just around the corner. The feature list for the upcoming build includes the most important and relevant items:

  • CMake + GCC + GDB7.
  • Application development for any platform: Linux, OS X, or Windows (Cygwin, MinGW).
  • C++11 support (including lambda functions, raw string literals, variadic templates, decltype, auto and more).
  • Code analysis and many suggested quick-fixes.
  • Refactorings (extract method/variable/typedef/define/etc., change signature, rename, safe delete, and others).
  • Code generation and templates.
  • Preprocessor support (so that all useful features can help with macros too).

Clang/LLDB support is planned for the next EAP builds.

And now please welcome the introductory video:

Stay tuned!
The AppCode and C++ IDE Team