AppCode 3.0.1 update: Xcode 6 and basic Swift support

Last week Apple presented a bunch of new fantastic software pieces and technologies for iOS/OS X developers. New OS X, new iOS, new Xcode and even a new language! These innovations looks really impressive and promising, and we know you undoubtedly want to try them. So we did our best to deliver the new Xcode 6 support together with basic Swift support in a short time. And here it comes, please, welcome AppCode 3.0.1 update!

To try the new features check you have Xcode 6 installed and selected in AppCode’s Preferences | Xcode. Create new project from Xcode 6 template, build and run your app on simulator or device.

There is a couple of known issues with Xcode 6 however: XCTest does not work on iOS7.1, iOS8 devices; Logic tests don’t work on a simulator. These hopefully will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

We were really thrilled with the new programming language shown by Apple. It’s concise and full of modern concepts and ideas, which are familiar to us because of Kotlin language that we develop here in JetBrains. What we do in 3.0.1 update is the basic Swift support – you can open and edit coloured *.swift files. Let’s start with it and learn all together this new fantastic language.

A few other improvements and fixes were also included. Especially, for the UI Designer, where we’ve fixed some exceptions, added UITableViewCell/UICollectionViewCell subviews (OC-9654) and improved the font size (OC-10161).

Develop with pleasure!
The AppCode Team