AppCode’s web help goes online!

From time to time we all feel a little bit lost in tons of AppCode’s features. To help us to get around there are a numerous ways to obtain information about the IDE: you can follow our twitter where we publish tips of the day, read Tips’n’Tricks posts in this blog, check the playlist on YouTube for the useful videos about the IDE.

But today we’d like to share a new option with you. AppCode’s online help is now live! Find it by this link:

For example, check how to work with connections in UI Designer, or what actions are available in the embedded terminal in the IDE, or how to use the Git integration, and much more.

And of course you are welcome to share your feedback here or in the web help’s comments form.

To boost your productivity with AppCode we also recommend you to check ‘Tip of the Day’ and ‘Productivity Guide’ sections in the IDE, both available under Help menu.

Develop with pleasure!
The AppCode Team