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AppCode 3.2 EAP, build 141.2454: quick documentation in Swift


New AppCode 3.2 EAP, build 141.2454 is available for download. The patch update is also available if you are using previous 3.2 EAP build.

The most notable feature in this build is Quick Documentation in Swift. To see the relevant documentation, just press F1 – the documentation displays in a pop-up window with clickable links to other resources. The content includes:

  • standard documentation from Apple DocSets:
  • your own documentation comments (use standard ‘///documentation’ format),
  • classes, protocols and functions signatures, enums, type aliases, etc.:
  • and even inferred type for constants and variables:

One of the previous AppCode EAP build introduced code resolve for custom Swift frameworks (like Alamofire), but thanks to our EAP users we’ve found out that it was not working correctly in case such framework was installed through the CocoaPods. This build includes a fix for this problem.

The full list of improvements can be found in our tracker.

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team