AppCode 3.3.2 EAP starts now!

A week ago we published our roadmap and now we are ready to show you the progress – today we are starting Early Access Program for AppCode 3.3.2. Let’s see what’s on board!

Apple TV simulators

With support for Apple TV platform  you can now run and debug your tvOS apps in AppCode.

tvOS simulators

Availability checks for tvOS and tvApplicationExtension are included in completion list for #available keyword

tvOS abailability


  • “Surround with do/catch” and “Propagate call error with try”  quick-fixes are available for throwing functions as well as parser improvements for constructions with rethrows keyword
    Surround with do/catch
  • Computed properties are now parsed correctly (OC-12540)
  • Quick-fix added for splitting multiple variable declarations into separate ones
    Split declarations


The following issues were fixed:

  • Resolving extensions for Objective-C generic classes (OC-12724)
  • Incorrect warning while using methods with __kindof annotation (OC-12415)
  • Problem with resolving classes from .PCH files (OC-12562)

Other notable changes

  • Performance for moving files within the project hierarchy is improved  
  • Issue with unit tests running for OS X applications is fixed (OC-12742)

The full list of improvements and fixes is available here.

Download AppCode 3.3.2 EAP build 143.869.11, give it a try and report issues to our tracker or share your feedback in comments!

Please, note that there will be no patch updates from AppCode 3.3.1 until 3.3.2 version gets stable and since this build is EAP for minor update, it requires an active license (alternatively use the 30-day free evaluation).

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team