AppCode 2016.1.3 EAP opens: Swift 2.2 support and improvements in mixed code resolve

Hi everyone,

Today we are excited to announce the launch of AppCode 2016.1.3 EAP and the first build is already available on our confluence page. Please note that a patch from the release version will not be available until AppCode 2016.1.3 gets stable. This EAP requires an active AppCode subscription or is available for 30 day evaluation.


We worked hard to implement all the changes in Swift 2.2 and now we are ready to show all of them. This build delivers parsing, highlighting and completion for the following language constructs:

  • associatedtype keyword.
  • #file, #line, #column and #function debug identifiers:
    Debug identifiers
  • new typesafe #selector directive:
    Typesafe selector
  • Swift version build configuration option:
    Build version check
  • keywords used as argument labels:
    Keywords as argument labels
  • function naming with argument labels.

Besides, we’ve also fixed parser errors that would appear when using quotes inside Swift string interpolation.

Mixed code

This build delivers initial implementation of cross-language resolve for classes defined in frameworks. It means that now classes from Swift frameworks added as a dependency to an Objective-C project (for example, using CocoaPods) should be correctly resolved from Objective-C code. The same applies to classes from the Objective-C framework used in Swift code (OC-12322). Together these changes significantly improve mixed code editing, by bringing more correct navigation and Rename refactoring for Swift classes used from Objective-C code, better completion and more accurate results for symbol usages search.

Performance improvements

A couple of performance improvements are available in this build:

  • Fix for OC-13046 should improve the general responsiveness of the editor window as well as result in less CPU usage for AppCode.
  • Partial fix for OC-11712 should increase the speed of the Navigate to Symbol (⌥⌘O) action when using it in mixed code and especially pure Swift projects. For the moment we are leaving this ticket open to implement the complete fix in the future.

Other fixes and improvements

Your feedback is especially important for us at this stage, so download 2016.1.3 EAP, try it and in case you find any issue at all – report it to our tracker!

Your AppCode team
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