AppCode 2016.2.3 EAP

Hi everyone,

Xcode 8 with Swift 3 is released, and it’s high time to open AppCode 2016.2.3 EAP where we start delivering support for Swift evolution changes. Build 162.2097.3 is now available for download on our confluence page.

Swift 3 support opens with:

  • SE-0071: Allow (most) keywords in member references (OC-13837)
  • SE-0046: Establish consistent label behavior across all parameters including first labels (OC-14055)
  • SE-0031: Adjusting inout Declarations for Type Decoration (OC-14104)

This build also includes Reveal 2.0 integration and fix for launching apps on simulator with Xcode 8 selected in Preferences.

Full list of fixes can be found here. Please, note that this EAP build requires an active subscription (or you can start a 30-day evaluation period).

We are planning to continue work on Swift 3 and Xcode 8 support in 2016.2.x updates. Follow our blog and stay tuned!

Your AppCode team
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