AppCode 2017.2 EAP: type hints in Swift, fixes for override/implement and more

Hi everyone,

AppCode 2017.2 EAP (build 172.2953.16) is available for download on our site (if using previous 2017.2 EAP build, the patch update is also available). Let’s see what’s on board!


Inline type hints

This build brings a handy feature for Swift language – type hints in the editor. Hints are displayed for variables which have no explicit type annotation:

Type hints

Type hints are disabled by default and can be enabled globally via Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance | Show Swift type hints.

There is also an option to toggle type hints on/off in the file you’re currently working on without touching global preference: View | Active Editor | Show Type Hints.

Besides, the following issues are fixed in this build:

  • Delayed processing of extensions in resolve (OC-15539)
  • Override completion suggestions at unexpected position (OC-15507)
  • Completion list being hidden too early in certain cases (OC-15296)
  • Generated methods not respecting “keep simple methods in one line” option (OC-15309)

For the full list of fixes please see the release notes.

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