AppCode 2017.2 RC2

Hi everyone,

We are approaching release, so AppCode 2017.2 RC2 build (172.3317.89) is available for download on our site. Note that build requires an active subscription.

The following issue is fixed in this build:

    • No ability to extract method with return statement inside closure (OC-15770)

Due to a number of reports about weird behavior of indexing/symbols building progress and sporadic appearance of “Indices are not ready” message we decided to revert the fix for OC-15714. We are targeting to have a better solution for this in future AppCode versions.

We also disabled inspection for unimplemented protocol members (OC-12701) since there were false intentions in some cases (e.g. OC-15380). The inspection will be restored as soon as we resolve related issues.

For the full list of fixes please see the release notes.

Your AppCode team
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