AppCode starts 2017.2.3 EAP: another part of Swift 4 and important fixes

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting AppCode 2017.2.3 Early Access Program and the first build is already available on our site.

This build delivers support for the following new Swift 4 features:

  • SE-0156 (Class and subtype existentials)
  • SE-0161 (Smart keypaths: better key-value coding for Swift)

Besides, the following important issues are fixed in this build:

  • Performance problem when resolving Objective-C macros used in Swift (OC-15905)
  • Wrong behavior of the Tab completion in Swift (OC-14554)
  • Resolution of functions named with argument labels (OC-13405)
  • Resolution of generic super types’ members set in requirement clause (OC-15917)

That’s it! Check the full list of fixes here.

Your AppCode team
The Drive to Develop