AppCode starts 2017.3 EAP

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2017.3 and the first build is already available for download on our site.

AppCode EAP


While our team continues to work on performance improvements for Swift and mixed code, this build delivers several improvements for resolution, parsing, and completion in Swift:

  • Correct resolve for modules used in Swift in Objective-C code (OC-15587)
  • Support for the #dsohandle debug identifier (OC-14546)
  • Resolution improvements related to smart keypaths in Swift 4 (OC-15992, OC-15864)
  • Correct unwrapping of @autoclosure parameters (OC-15951)
  • Fix for the issue with duplicates in completion when parent class and protocol have a common parent (OC-15553)

Unit testing: gutter icons

AppCode now makes it even easier to run a single test or all tests in your test file, with special test icons added in the editor’s left gutter:

Unit testing

The new icons also show the status of the test, so you always know if they’ve failed recently or not.

Catch support and C++ language improvements

C++ users will be glad to now that support for the Catch testing framework, which was first implemented in CLion, is now available in AppCode:

Catch support

This build also brings a heap of improvements in the C++ language engine including:

  • Major reworking of list initialization inspections;
  • Support for #include directives inside namespace declarations;
  • Full support for the __COUNTER__ macro and more.

For more on these improvements, see this blog post.

That’s it! Check the full list of fixes in our tracker.

Download AppCode 2017.3 EAP

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