New AppCode 2018.2 EAP: Extract Closure refactoring for Swift and important fixes

Hi everyone,

New AppCode 2018.2 EAP build is available for download on our site.

Extract Closure

Welcome in the new member of the Swift refactorings family – Extract Closure! Select the code you need to be extracted into the closure, hit ⌃T and select Closure…:
Extract closure

Reorder closure parameters and change their names:
Reorder parameters in closure

Bug fixes

Several important issues are fixed in this build:

  • Resolve problem with different Deployment Target values in Pod target and main application (OC-15378). This issue caused problems with several popular libraries, such as SnapKit and RxSwift.
  • No simulators available for a target with iOS Deployment Target set to 11.4 (OC-17274)
  • Regression with Find Usages and Rename refactoring in test targets

For the full list of fixes please see the release notes.

Your AppCode team
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