AppCode 2018.2 RC2: important performance fixes

Hi everyone,

AppCode 2018.2 RC 2 (build 182.3684.120) is available on our site.

Performance fixes

We fixed two performance regressions when Loading Modules and Building Module Maps phases were significantly slower comparing to 2018.1.6 release. Now they should have nearly the same speed.

We encourage everyone who experienced similar issues before to try this build and share feedback with us in our tracker.

Other regressions

Several other regressions are fixed in this build:

  • Weird formatting behavior – moving the curly bracket indefinitely (OC-17514)
  • Override dialog doesn’t suggest super initializers (OC-17473)
  • Completion removes ? character from optional self (OC-17460)
  • Auto-completion in Swift adds characters at random places (OC-17474)
  • In-place rename breaks references with argument labels (OC-17481)

For the full list of fixes please see the release notes.

Your AppCode team
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