AppCode starts 2018.2.2 EAP: completion for Swift key paths

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2018.2.2. Build 182.4323.4 is now available for download on our site.

New features

Have a working completion for Swift key paths:
Completion for keypaths
Completion in #keypath() (OC-15059) and for subscript components in key paths (OC-16222) is to be improved in future.

Adjust access control for setters with the new quick-fix:
Access modifiers quick fix


Easily select the content of a Swift code construct within curly braces using Extend/Shrink Selection (⌥↑/⌥↓):
Expand/shrink selection
Have setter access modifiers shown in the completion list:
Setter access modifiers

Bug fixes

  • AppCode hangs if Add selection for next occurrence is about to select something in the suggested code (OC-13893)
  • Timeout while waiting for simulated application PID (OC-17492)
  • Protocol method which has an inaccessible same-named method in protocol extension is missing in completion (OC-17567)
  • Disconnected device which had Connect via network enabled on another workstation is listed in run destinations (OC-17417)
  • Improved handling of try/try?/try! in Extract Variable / Method refactorings

Besides, this build addresses a heap of issues related to Swift formatting, extract refactorings, and resolve – see them in the release notes.

Your AppCode team
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