AppCode starts 2018.3 EAP: Swift 4.2, Generate actions, and peformance fixes

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2018.3. Build 183.2407.7 is now available for download on our site. This EAP does not require an active subscription, so you can use it for free until the build expiration date.


Swift 4.2

Benefit from Swift 4.2 changes supported in AppCode (they are also included in the latest 2018.2.3 EAP):

  • SE-0192 (Handling Future Enum Cases)
  • SE-0193 (Cross-module inlining and specialization)
  • SE-0194 (Derived Collection of Enum Cases)
  • SE-0195 (User-defined “Dynamic Member Lookup” Types)
  • SE-0196 (Compiler Diagnostic Directives)
  • SE-0212 (Compiler Version Directive)


Generate initializers, hashValue and description properties, and the equality operator in no time using new Generate actions (⌘N):

There are still some related issues we plan to address, so please report them in the tracker if you find that anything is not working as it’s supposed to.


We fixed the performance issue in unit-testing support. There should be no more freezes when you open top-level menus (such as the Run Configurations popup with test configurations), run a heap of unit-tests or navigate to the test code.

This build also includes numerous fixes for the Rename refactoring and Objective-C/Swift resolve – find them all here.

Your AppCode Team
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