New AppCode 2019.1 EAP: Swift 5 support and bug fixes

Hi everyone,

A new AppCode 2019.1 EAP build is available on our site.

Swift 5

This build brings support for the following Swift 5 changes:

  • SR-5719 Ban autoclosure forwarding
  • SE-0213: Literal initialization via coercion

See the current state of the Swift 5 support here.

Bug fixes

The following issues are fixed in this build:

  • Error when trying to update CocoaPods in AppCode (OC-18370)
  • Renaming of selector leads to storyboard actions renaming (OC-16708)
  • Swift debugger renders strings as collections with Xcode 10.2 (OC-18363)
  • High amount of I/O and main thread freeze after build finishes (CPP-15306)

For the full list of fixes please see the release notes.

Your AppCode Team
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