AppCode 2019.3 Roadmap

Hi everyone,

Our roadmap for AppCode 2019.3 will be the shortest we’ve ever shared: this release will be focused on performance improvements without launching any new features. The goal is to eliminate as many freezes and slow-downs as possible.

To do this as well as we can, we’ll need your help! The best place to share any performance problem is our tracker. You don’t have to understand what causes the problem, as most issues are difficult to analyze when it comes to IDE functionality. If you see a problem, just try to describe it briefly, and our engineers and QAs will take care of the rest.

If you’d like to dedicate more time to help us, we appreciate the following artifacts submitted to performance tickets:

  1. CPU Snapshots. We need them if some IDE action is slow but does not cause a freeze, in order to identify the specific part of our code responsible for the performance problem.
  2. Thread dumps and logs. You can gather them by clicking Help | Compress Logs and Show In Finder. We’ll need thread dumps when you have a freeze: they will show us which particular part in our code causes it.
  3. Test projects that allow us to clearly reproduce the issue are one of the best sources for solving problems.
  4. Screencasts are nice and usually reduce the time needed for initial issue analysis. Make screencasts if you have time :)

And last but not least: if you work in a team that uses AppCode and has performance issues that are hard to analyze – get in touch with us. We are ready to schedule a call, take a look at your project, and collect the information to sort the issues out.

Or if you’ve just started with AppCode – get in touch with us. We will help make the process easier, and what’s also important, we will collect additional feedback that is very important for making the IDE better for everyone.

Let’s join forces and speed up AppCode – together!

Your AppCode Team
The Drive to Develop