New AppCode 2020.1 EAP: Completion During Indexing, Swift Support Improvements, and More!

Hi everyone,

A new AppCode 2020.1 EAP build is available for download on our site.

Completion During Indexing

We made it possible to build, run, debug, and test projects during indexing in AppCode 2019.2. Our next step in this direction is code completion, and – what do you know – it’s already available in this build:

Completion During Indexing

The current implementation uses SourceKit to provide completion results and has several limitations linked to OC-19857 as related issues. We encourage you to try this feature and share your feedback in the comments.

Swift Support

The following language changes are now supported:

  • An update for SE-0110 and SE-0155 (default arguments in enum cases).
  • SE-0266: Synthesized Comparable conformance for enum types.
  • Update function type assignability for single tuple parameter functions (OC-16842).

Bug Fixes

  • Testable imports were not being resolved in AppCode 2020.1 EAP (OC-19804).
  • Projected and wrapped values were not correctly renamed (OC-19758).
  • No autocompletion for variables was available in some cases (OC-19819).

See the full list of fixes in our tracker.

Your AppCode Team
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