AppCode Starts 2020.2 EAP: Initial Swift Package Manager Support, Performance and Code Completion Improvements, and More

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2020.2, and the first build is already available to download from our site.



We’ve reworked our indexing infrastructure and now the code assistance should be faster in general. Note that initial project indexing might be slower, but subsequent indexing iterations should be faster than or as fast as in AppCode 2020.1.

Initial Swift Package Manager Support

This EAP build brings initial support for Swift Package Manager dependencies in Xcode projects, which includes:

  • SPM dependencies tree in the Project View:Swift Package Manager
  • General code assistance for SPM dependencies used in the Xcode project (code completion, highlighting, and navigation)

This means you can already open Xcode projects that include SPM packages and work with them. Please note the following limitations and issues (see more related issues here):

  • Currently it’s not possible to create standalone SPM projects from AppCode and work with them. Only SPM projects included in the Xcode workspace are recognized.
  • Building, debugging, running, and testing of SPM targets are not implemented yet.
  • It’s not possible to add a remote SPM dependency into the Xcode project.
  • There might be issues with building the project during the first opening (OC-20250).
  • SourceKit-related features are not supported (OC-20240).

Code Completion

The following improvements are available for code completion in Swift:

  • Completion for get, set, didSet, and willSet automatically jumps to the statement body:Get and set
  • Smart completion now includes initializers:Smart completion with initializers
  • Font completion works the same way it does for Objective-C:Font completion
  • Code completion now offers trailing closures in the completion list:Completion for trailing closures
  • Placeholders now work during indexing

Github Pull Requests

Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues from the IntelliJ Platform team, AppCode 2020.2 brings full support for Github pull requests:

  • Simply click on a Github pull request to view its information in a dedicated view, which will display messages, branch names, author, assignee, timeline, and more:Github Pull Requests
  • View results for pre-commit checks right in the pull request timeline.
  • Start a review, request reviews, attach comments, and submit reviews – all from within the IDE.
  • View and interact with comments, both commit-level and line-level.
  • Merge pull requests from within the IDE.

That’s it for this post – but there’s more in the full release notes.

Download AppCode 2020.2 EAP

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