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Big Data Tools 2021.3 EAP

Recently we released a new build of the Big Data Tools plugin that is compatible with the 2021.3 EAP versions of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and PyCharm Professional. DataGrip 2021.3 EAP support will be available immediately after the release in October. The plugin also supports our new data science IDE – JetBrains DataSpell. If you still use previous versions, now is the perfect time to upgrade both your IDE and the plugin. 

This year, we introduced a number of new features as well as some features that have been there for a while, for example, running Spark Submit with a run configuration.

Here’s a list of the key improvements:

  • Kafka Monitoring
Kafka Monitoring
  • Named Profiles for AWS S3
  • Project wizards for Spark projects
  • Character encoding selection for tables
  • Full-text search for Zeppelin
  • Ability to choose Python interpreter for the local Spark Submit
  • Notifications of execution completion for notes and cells

Documentation and social networks

We’re actively developing and enhancing the Big Data Tools plugin and doing our best to get the most of your feedback and fix as many bugs as possible.

For an overview of the recent key improvements, please visit the What’s New section of the plugin page that includes the release notes.

And last but not least, if you’re looking for more information about how to use any of the plugin’s features, check out the IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, DataGrip or DataSpell documentation. Need more help? Leave us a message here in the comments or on Twitter.

We hope that these improvements will allow you to do more exciting things in a more enjoyable way. Thank you for using the Big Data Tools plugin!

The Big Data Tools team

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