JetBrains Launches Worldwide Early Access Program for JetBrains Fabrique

Rapid Application Development Environment for Java Enables Fast, Easy Development of Sophisticated Web and Enterprise Applications

April 21, 2004

Prague, Czech Republic, April. 21, 2004 – JetBrains™, Inc., creators of intelligent application development tools, today announced the launch of its Early Access Program for JetBrains Fabrique™, a Rapid Application Development framework for creating custom Web and enterprise applications. With powerful new tools and extensive available libraries and components, Fabrique dramatically speeds development of J2EE applications.

JetBrains invites Java developers to start using the preview version of Fabrique today and to help guide its evolution in ways the Java developer community will find useful and productive. Fabrique for early adopters is available for download at

“JetBrains Fabrique allows all Java developers to create enterprise Web applications faster and better. We want to encourage developers to participate in this EAP program so we can maximize the framework’s value to user productivity and to the larger developer community as Fabrique evolves,” said JetBrains President and Chief Technical Officer Eugene Belyaev.

JetBrains Fabrique easily handles multiple J2EE technologies, selected by the developer to fit an application’s demands, runtime features and purpose. A single click deploys a completed application to the network, where its browser interface enables it to run independently of a given user’s particular computer platform.

At Fabrique’s core is Visual Fabrique, a powerful and intelligent Integrated Development Environment that handles all aspects of Web application development. Within Visual Fabrique, developers have quick access to a powerful array of tools and active libraries for rapidly developing Web-based applications and services. Fabrique accelerates all aspects of the development process, boosts productivity and dramatically reduces deployment time.

Key components of Visual Fabrique include an integrated Business Object Modeler to create an application’s data structure and define its business logic, so the business logic firmly governs and channels an application’s design. Fabrique’s integrated Page Designer quickly creates and binds the browser-based User Interface to the associated business data, handling the underlying HTML and JavaScript automatically to eliminate a key “pain point” of UI design.

Fabrique’s immediate libraries include an array of standard Web services including security and user management, discussion forums, validation and mail. For more complex or specialized purposes, the flexible framework can be extended through its Active Libraries, which allow laborsaving reuse of common functions. Vendors can use the libraries to extend the Fabrique framework and IDE to new, domain-oriented frameworks, customized IDE screens, inspection tools and property editors, new User Interface controls, and much more.

Key Fabrique components include:

  • Visual Fabrique, the rapid application Integrated Development Environment.
  • Fabrique compiler for producing off-the-shelf enterprise applications.
  • Active Libraries to contribute ready-to-use functionality, reusable components and tools.
  • Web User Interface components for a rich set of cross-browser controls.
  • Fabrique Framework, the core set of tools and technologies for creating J2EE applications.

For more information about Fabrique or to download the preview version, visit

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