JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 Sneak Peek at JavaOne

New and Enhanced Productivity Features Shine in Java IDE Demo Disk Prepared Specially for JavaOne Show Attendees

June 28, 2004

San Francisco, California, — JavaOne — June 28, 2004 – JetBrains™, Inc., creators of intelligent application development tools, today announced that attendees at this week’s JavaOne show in San Francisco will have a sneak peek at upcoming release 4.5 of IntelliJ IDEA, the company’s technology-leading Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java. JetBrains prepared the fully functional, pre-release demo disk specifically for visitors to JetBrains (Booth #1430). It will not be available elsewhere prior to the program’s planned general release during the first half of July.

IntelliJ™ IDEA 4.5 is the newest version of the award-winning JavaT IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from JetBrains. With enhanced code inspection and powerful, on-the-fly code analysis, IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 incorporates a new code Productivity Guide and introduces a host of new and extended features including Locate Duplicates, Analyze Dependencies and full Java SDK 1.5 support.

The new and enhanced functionality preempts errors before they are introduced into the application development cycle, allowing Java developers to write better code faster and to significantly improve their productivity.

JetBrains, which introduced enhanced intelligence into application development software, continues to lead the trend towards smarter tools by transforming traditional, passive tools into active and interactive aids that provide useful and intelligent feedback during the development process. IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 not only helps developers put code on the coding canvas faster but also evaluates what is being added and makes useful suggestions on how to optimize what is being written.

‘The feedback we receive from our enthusiastic users shows we provide world-class developers with the best tools,’ said Eugene Belyaev, President and Chief Technology Officer. ‘As a group, they consistently set very high standards for us. We have kept pace with their needs only through extensive give-and-take, a process that often presents wonderful challenges.’

Powerful new features and benefits – A complete list of new features can be seen at while a broader overview is available at New features include:

  • Compelling code analysis enhancements: Analyze a complete class or project for duplicate code fragments, analyze any package or class in a project to find dependencies on other packages or classes, and then view a selected item’s dependencies
  • User Productivity Guide: Analyzes a user’s actions, records keystrokes and use of features, keeps statistics on individual usages and user’s personal development style, and serves as a highly individualized personal assistant
  • Java code-aware structured search and replace: Search and replace using code patterns and IntelliJ IDEA’s sophisticated Java-aware engine
  • New refactorings: Including inline constant, extract subclass, replace method code duplicates, and convert to instance method further
  • Full Java SDK 1.5 Support: Including new refactorings such as Generify for quick switches to generic collections, plus Generics-aware code completion, refactoring and live templates
  • Enhanced Open API: Run and compile J2EE applications
  • Additional Features: More than 50 new and additional features including usability and productivity features and significant enhancements to existing functionalities in earlier versions of IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 is scheduled for general release during the first half of July, when a free 30-day, fully functional evaluation copy will be available for download at The sneak preview is available only at JavaOne. International Sales: JetBrains s.r.o., Klanova 9/506, 14000 Prague, Czech Republic (Phone: +420 2 4172 2501; Fax: +420 2 6171 1724). North American sales representatives are available in the Medford, New Jersey office by calling (609) 714-7883 and in San Mateo, California by calling (650) 378-8571.

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