JetBrains releases ReSharper, a new productivity tool for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Intelligent new add-in brings to C# developers the powerful productivity features found in award-winning IntelliJ IDEA

July 21, 2004

Prague, Czech Republic, July 21, 2004 – JetBrains™, Inc., creators of intelligent application development tools, today released their first .NET product initiative, JetBrains ReSharperT, a fully integrated plug-in that enhances Visual Studio .NET 2003 with powerful, intelligent refactoring and code editing assistance. ReSharper provides C# developers with many of the same robust productivity enhancements that Java developers have come to rely on in the company’s flagship IntelliJ IDEA IDE, now in version 4.5.

Early access C# user group reviews have been enthusiastic, showing the company’s innovative, open approach to creating Java development tools is every bit as valuable when brought to the C# developer community. ReSharper’s convenient, integrated menu approach makes its power fully available in Visual Studio .NET 2003 without a significant slowdown or other trade-offs for the added productivity features.

Key ReSharper features include:

  • Tight integration with Visual Studio – installs as an integrated feature of the IDE itself
  • Navigation enhanced by powerful capabilities such as the ability to jump instantly between a method and its declaration or between a method in a base class or interface and its implementation
  • Shortcuts to open a class or file simply by typing a partial name
  • Powerful, intelligent and innovative coding features including Smart Type code completion and multiple choices for variable naming that reflect type
  • Live templates for context-based value substitution and automatic code expansion
  • Enhanced highlighting of fields, local variables, classes and more, including unmatched error highlighting to eliminate mistakes before they become problems
  • Unmatched support for refactoring, including such key types as “Rename,” “Change Method Signature,” “Introduce Variable” and “Extract Method”

“Developers participating in the ReSharper Early Access Program became the driving force behind the tool’s terrific productivity enhancements,” said Eugene Belyaev, president and chief technology officer at JetBrains. “Our EAP eventually brought in C# developers around the globe, and their active participation has polished the initial beta ReSharper into an unmatched productivity tool for C# developers using the Visual Studio environment.”

ReSharper is available for 30-day trial download at Full registration is available at the site for US $100.

JetBrains has long been known for its consistent focus on increasing the productivity of developers, and ReSharper continues the tradition of setting the industry standard for application development technology. For more information about JetBrains, visit

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