JetBrains releases ReSharper 1.5 for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Upgrade introduces host of new refactorings ahead of VS 2005

March 7, 2005

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — March 7, 2005 — JetBrains™, Inc., creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools, announced today the release of ReSharper™ 1.5, the first major upgrade to the company’s intelligent plug-in for Visual Studio .NET 2003. ReSharper 1.5 provides C# developers with the same robust types of productivity enhancements that Java developers rely on in the company’s flagship IntelliJ IDEA IDE, now in version 4.5.

“We introduced ReSharper 1.0 last July and the response to its productivity enhancements by the developer community has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Eugene Belyaev, JetBrains president and CTO. “We’re excited to be able to offer many new refactorings in this new version 1.5 upgrade, which we have kept as affordable as the original version. We look forward to receiving continued feedback and suggestions from the C# developers who have guided this tool’s evolution.”

ReSharper was created to increase the productivity of C# developers by providing them with a rich set of technology-leading features that include intelligent coding assistance, on-the-fly error highlighting and uick error correction, and unmatched support for code refactoring. ReSharper’s tight integration with Visual Studio .NET provides quick and easy access to all of its advanced features right from the IDE.

Powerful new refactorings introduced in ReSharper 1.5 include:

  • Extract Interface – Create an interface from a class and make that class implement the newly created interface. A user can choose members to extract to the interface and specify the name of the interface. This refactoring is very useful for specifying a class interface and automatically using it where appropriate.
  • Extract Superclass – Create the base class for a class and move selected members to it, a very useful operation for moving some logic up and sharing it later.
  • Copy Type – Copy a type to a separate file with a different name or to a different namespace.
  • Introduce Field – Select an expression or a local variable and apply it as a refactoring. It will create a new field or constant and initialize it with the expression or local variable initializer. A new field can be initialized in its initializer, is constructors or the current member.
  • Encapsulate Field – Forgot to create the accessor property for a field? Invoke this refactoring not only to create it but also to replace usages of the field with usages of the property.
  • Introduce Parameter – Select an expression or a local variable in a method and create a new parameter, which will be properly initialized at all call sites.
  • Convert Interface to Abstract Class – Add some logic to an interface or change it to a class, with all appropriate conversions made as part of the refactoring.
  • Convert Abstract Class to Interface – Convert an abstract class to an interface.

ReSharper 1.5 can also generate “delegation” methods useful for delegating the execution of a particular method to an instance of a particular class, eliminating the need to carry out this very detailed operation manually. ReSharper generates all necessary code immediately. Other improvements in the new version 1.5 include general performance enhancements and various bug fixes.

JetBrains, long known for its consistent focus on increasing the productivity of developers, is making the ReSharper 1.5 upgrade available free of charge to existing ReSharper customers, via download from

ReSharper 1.5 sells for $149 per license, and is being offered at the special introductory price of $99 until April 5, 2005. ReSharper 1.5 is available in a free 30-day trial version at

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