JetBrains Introduces TeamCity — A Powerful New Integrated Team Environment

Brings automation, accuracy and reliability of all project development processes to development teams, like a full-featured IDE does to individual developers

October 2, 2006

Prague, Czech Republic, October 2, 2006 — JetBrains®, creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced general availability of its innovative new teamwork product JetBrains TeamCityTM.

TeamCity is a new, IDE independent, integrated team environment targeted for .NET and Java software developers and their managers, helping them to solve problems that typically bog down development teams. It increases the productivity of the entire team to the same levels that individual developers experience with IntelliJ IDEA, the company’s award-winning IDE (integrated development environment) for Java, and ReSharper, the widely used JetBrains’ productivity plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

“Like our other development products, TeamCity grew from a need experienced internally by JetBrains’ own teams,” said Sergey Dmitriev, JetBrains chief executive officer. “We saw teams getting buried under issues around testing, building, versioning, and other process-related things that could, and really should be integrated and automated. We built TeamCity to address such issues in intelligent ways that free developers to concentrate on projects instead of handling processes.”

TeamCity automates and coordinates key collaborative processes to eliminate manual systems and delays, providing tight integration with multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test frequency, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis.

For a full list of advanced TeamCity features that make all this possible, see Some key TeamCity features include:

  • Continuous and automated build and testing eliminate cumbersome batch-testing and show the effect of every team member’s change immediately
  • Intelligent Build Grid eliminates complicated traditional management systems by allowing multiple builds and tests to run on multiple machines at a time
  • Immediate notification when a change fails testing means code can be fixed immediately without disrupting the work of others
  • Integrated code coverage keeps track of tested code and locates untested gaps where problems may lurk
  • Server-side code inspections provide static code analysis to help all team members produce consistent and error-free code day after day
  • The rich web interface provides a project dashboard showing build configurations in simple, sequential steps, keeping team members informed on new builds, failed tests, approaching triggers and more

TeamCity supports the most widely used build tools including Ant, Maven, NAnt, and MSBuild. It supports both JUnit (Java) and NUnit (.NET) testing frameworks, and integrates with the popular Perforce, Subversion, and CVS version control systems.

Though TeamCity is independent of any particular IDE, a simultaneously released TeamCity plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 turns IntelliJ IDEA into a “remote control” that makes reports and notifications available from inside the IDE. It also provides one-click navigation to source code or to the web interface for a more global project overview. IDE integration extends the functionality of TeamCity itself, by adding several innovative productivity features, such as Remote Run of tests and Delayed commits that eliminate “5 o’clock check-in” problems by testing code as it is submitted, prior to automatically committing changes to whatever version control system is in use.

More on TeamCity and the plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA can be viewed at

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