JetBrains Announces dotTrace™ Profiler 2.0 Beta

Profiler for .NET apps features new memory profiling and enhanced performance profiling

September 14, 2006

Prague, Czech Republic, September 14, 2006 — JetBrains® s.r.o., creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced the availability of JetBrains dotTrace 2.0 beta. The second major release of the company’s intelligent profiling tool for Microsoft .NET applications features significant new functionality, extensive enhancements, and many general improvements.

The most important new feature in dotTrace 2.0 beta is Memory Profiling. Now developers can see what happens with the memory used by their .NET applications. Snapshots of memory can be captured and analyzed in nine informative views, each tuned to a specific aspect of memory usage. A developer can delve deeply into different aspects, quickly spotting memory leaks, and easily seeing ways to optimize the way the application uses memory.

A memory comparison tool enables developers to compare the difference between two heap snapshots taken at different times within a single profiling session.

dotTrace 2.0 beta also provides the capability to find objects by class.

“The addition of memory profiling in this release makes dotTrace a comprehensive profiling solution for .NET developers”, said Valentin Kipiatkov, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist at JetBrains. “Combined with the fast, robust, and usable performance profiling from version 1, and the new enhancements in that area, dotTrace 2.0 should stand up to even the most demanding profiling requirements.”

Performance profiling enhancements in dotTrace 2.0 beta include:

  • “Quick Info” which displays a summary of statistics for any function.
  • Capability to compare performance snapshots of the same application.
  • Multiple filtering options for collapsing filtered calls, recursive calls, and functions consuming 0% of root time.

Other enhancements include:

  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio. Developers can now run dotTrace from the Visual Studio IDE and easily navigate to open files.
  • Multiple snapshots of the same application as it is profiled. Several snapshots can be opened at the same time to compare and contrast them.
  • Windows services can now be profiled in the same way as web applications.

General information about dotTrace 2.0 beta is available at the JetBrains web site at Information on new features can be found at

The release is available for download at The download includes a license enabling full functionality through October 31, 2006.

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