JetBrains Releases TeamCity 1.2 Integrated Team Environment

Upgrade provides new productivity features for .NET developers

January 15, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic, January 15, 2007 — JetBrains®, the creator of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced the general availability of TeamCity 1.2, their innovative teamwork product for continuous integration and effective build management, which supports both Java and .NET platforms. TeamCity automates and coordinates key collaborative processes to eliminate manual systems and delays; providing tight integration with multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test frequency, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis.

Along with usability improvements and fixes to existing functionality, this new release adds a few highly anticipated features like Microsoft Visual SourceSafe support (both version 2005 and 6.0) and the Microsoft Visual Studio integration, with direct navigation from failed tests to the originating source code.

“TeamCity is intended as a cross-platform tool to support development teams working on both Java and .NET frameworks,” said Sergey Dmitriev, JetBrains chief executive officer. “The cross-platform objective was a real challenge for our engineers. The initial set of productivity features focused on supporting Java-based projects – that is why delivering new features for .NET teams makes us feel that we are approaching the desired balance.”

To find out more about TeamCity’s new features or to view a short demo, surf to:

TeamCity is introductorily priced at $199 per one-user license.
Customers can benefit noticeably and save, when purchasing TeamCity in a bundle with either IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE or ReSharper – JetBrains’ productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

More on TeamCity and its use with IntelliJ IDEA and Microsoft Visual Studio can be found at:

About JetBrains

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