JetBrains Supports Eclipse and MS Visual Studio Users with the Release of TeamCity 2.0

Along with enhancements to the TeamCity server and its IntelliJ IDEA integration, productivity plugins for Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio developers are now available

April 11, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic, April 11, 2007 — JetBrains®, the creator of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced the general availability of TeamCity 2.0 — their innovative teamwork product for continuous integration and effective build management, which supports both Java and .NET platforms. TeamCity automates and coordinates key collaborative processes to eliminate manual systems and delays; providing tight integration with multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test frequency, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis.

The most important highlights of the new release are the productivity plugins for Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio development environments, ability to search for code duplicates and support for dependent builds. They come along with other noticeable innovative improvements to the server itself, as well as to the IntelliJ IDEA plugin.

“With this release we made another step forward”, said Alex Tkachman, JetBrains Chief Operating Officer. “TeamCity should not be considered just another continuous integration tool, but rather an innovative solution that keeps introducing advanced methodologies, to help entire development teams become more productive.”

The productivity plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and MS Visual Studio 2005 enable each member of the software team to create “regular” and “personal” builds remotely, monitor the status of integrating changes into the project code base, view the tests results and build log, maintain the code quality, and much more within their IDE.

The highly-anticipated Eclipse plugin provides Eclipse-based development teams with continuous integration, build management and team collaboration features right from the IDE. Formerly these productivity-increasing features were available only for IntelliJ IDEA users, and partly to the users of Microsoft Visual Studio:

“Remote Run” and Delayed (pre-tested) Commit — to automatically submit code-base-changes to the VCS, after they’ve been tested, via Subversion, if they won’t break the build.

Viewing failed tests and build logs, exploring the changes you have introduced to the source code, and comparing the local version of the file with the latest version available in the project repository.

The Changes View — to display the current status of builds triggered by your commits to the version control system.

The Watched Projects View –To monitor the status of projects you are interested in.

Take Responsibility – for failed builds right within your IDE.

TeamCity 2.0’s server functionality has also been highly enriched with new features and innovative improvements:

Searching for code duplicates and reviewing results on the web and/or in IntelliJ IDEA

Dependent builds and Ivy integration

Support of Team Foundation Server and ClearCase

Viewing file differences on the web

LDAP integration

Project cloning

And more

We would also like to inform that TeamCity has recently got a JOLT Productivity Award ( in Collaboration Tools category.

To find out more about new features of TeamCity 2.0, please visit the web-page:

TeamCity is priced at $199 per one-user license. Customers can benefit noticeably and save, when purchasing TeamCity in a bundle with either IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE or ReSharper – JetBrains’ productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

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