Newest Release of the Famous IntelliJ IDEA Available to Public

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December 08, 2009

Prague, Czech Republic, December 08, 2009 — JetBrains®, the creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, have announced the public availability of IntelliJ IDEA 9, the newest version of its award-winning Java IDE.

Starting with version 9, IntelliJ IDEA is offered in two editions: Community Edition, free and open-source, and Ultimate Edition, encompassing 100% of the famous IntelliJ IDEA functionality.

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is the perfect choice for those working on pure Java/Groovy applications or doing Swing development. It has all the crown jewels of IntelliJ IDEA, including numerous refactorings and code inspections, coding assistance, debugging, TestNG and JUnit testing; CVS, Subversion and Git support, as well as Ant and Maven build integration.

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is the full-featured commercial IntelliJ IDEA with a complete set of tools and integrations with the most important modern technologies and frameworks, such as Spring and Hibernate — a must-have for effective Web and Java EE development. Some of the general features that set the Ultimate edition apart include tight Perforce, Rational ClearCase and Microsoft Team Foundation Server integration, Dependency Structure Matrix, advanced code manipulation with structural search and replace.

“We’re happy to make this latest release not only packed full of new functionality, but also impressive in terms of the IDE performance, especially startup speed,” said Sergey Dmitriev, JetBrains CEO. “IntelliJ IDEA 9 offers many great new features, such as support for Java EE 6, Spring 3.0, OSGi, Android, and Tapestry, as well as many productivity and usability improvements. We keep up with all the latest technology trends and enjoy close cooperation with our users, whose feedback and overall contribution helps us stay on the cutting edge.”

Key new features and improvements include:

  • Much faster environment, with background indexing on startup
  • Extensive Java EE 6 support
  • Many productivity features in core Java functionality
  • Best-of-breed PHP support, with dedicated debugger, PHPUnit, etc.
  • Visual editor for defining the structure of project deliverables (.war, .ear archives, etc.)
  • AIR support, ActionScript refactorings, and other Flex support improvements
  • And much more

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