JetBrains TeamCity 7.0: Control the Power

With greatly improved versatility and attention to detail, JetBrains TeamCity gives you much more visibility and finer control over the whole CI process.

February 22, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic, February 22, 2012 — JetBrains, the creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, have announced the general availability of TeamCity 7.0, a professional distributed build management and continuous integration system.

Everything powerful needs to be carefully managed, which is why this latest release provides users with ultimate control over their Continuous Integration environment.

“TeamCity is many different things to many types of companies and users. To meet their diverse needs, we took a closer look at various user experiences and tried to improve them all around, ” said Pavel Sher, TeamCity project lead. “To further facilitate complex build workflows, we’ve added build chain visualization, typed parameters and powerful build failure conditions. Our customers with a large number of agents will benefit from more predictable agents distribution among projects. And as always, there are many usability enhancements for all users.”

TeamCity 7.0 includes these key improvements and new features:

  • Organizing build agents in pools to assign to projects
  • Incremental builds and unit testing (Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA projects)
  • Extended build chains support and visualization
  • Build failure conditions
  • Build parameters with custom user interface
  • Branch graphs on change history (Git and Mercurial)
  • TeamCity as native NuGet feed server

To learn more and download TeamCity, please visit the official TeamCity website at

Each purchased TeamCity license needs to have valid, non-expired upgrade subscription in order to support TeamCity 7.0. All newly purchased TeamCity licenses include 1-year subscription for software upgrades, valid for all product releases during this period. Expired upgrade subscriptions can be extended for another year at any time. To learn more about TeamCity pricing and updates, please see

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