JetBrains Streamlines Profiling of Mission-Critical .NET Applications

dotTrace 5.0 Performance profiler simplifies locating bottlenecks in production .NET applications thanks to improved remote profiling and being able to dynamically attach to running processes

March 19, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic, March 19, 2012 — JetBrains®, creators of popular productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, today announced the availability of a new major release of their .NET performance profiler, dotTrace Performance.

This new release enables users to attach the profiler to running processes dynamically, in order to profile potential performance issues as they appear in production. dotTrace 5.0 Performance also improves its remote profiling technology, helping you discover performance bottlenecks on production servers without having to deploy an entire profiler infrastructure. This provides more opportunities to profile .NET applications running in production environments.

When it comes to analyzing profiling results, dotTrace Performance also covers new ground. Its code preview tools are boosted with an integrated decompiler also used in two other JetBrains products, ReSharper and dotPeek. As a result, even if source code is not immediately available, dotTrace Performance can now decompile the code of any function featured in a profiling snapshot, to help you understand what may have caused a certain performance problem.

“Customers have asked us to support dynamic attaching to and detaching from processes. It’s a demand we couldn’t ignore which provides great new potential to discover issues in production,” said Oleg Stepanov, JetBrains .NET Division Lead. “When your app has been running for hours or days and you need to find out why it’s getting bogged down, dotTrace Performance comes to the rescue. You kick in the profiler when you actually need it, and not a minute earlier.”

Key features of the new dotTrace 5.0 Performance include:

  • Attaching to and detaching from an already running process
  • Streamlined remote profiling
  • Bundled decompiler
  • Support for IIS Express
  • Improvements in UI and performance gain estimation technology

To learn more about dotTrace 5.0 Performance and try it free for 10 days, please visit

dotTrace 5.0 Performance commercial pricing starts at $399; a bundle with dotTrace Memory and volume discounts are both available. For any sales inquiries and volume pricing options, please contact (North and South America) or (rest of the world).

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