Writing Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA – Free Webinar on October 18th

At JetBrains, we aim to help you bring your plugin ideas to life. In the first of an ongoing series, we reach out to our community of expert plugin developers and ask them to share their experiences writing plugins for IntelliJ IDEA. Please join John Lindquist as we explore the plugin development process with Mihai Toader, author of the Go Lang plugin, to help our community learn how to get started and make the most of their experience.

This free webinar will take place Thursday, October 18th at 15:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Space is limited, so please register today.

About Mihai Toader
Mihai Toader
Mihai was born, raised and educated in Romania. He met IntelliJ IDEA 10 years ago just as the IDE was starting a life of its own. They have worked together ever since, across multiple companies and all the while, the relationship grew stronger. While working with an Amazon subsidiary in Romania it happened; Mihai and IntelliJ IDEA wrote their first language plugin together.

It was just a matter a time until things would further evolve. The tipping point came with the announcement of the project and along with it, the lack of an intelligent IDE for working with the new language. Over the last two years, Mihai and the Go Lang plugin have amassed a growing audience of users, fans and teammates. Join Mihai, Thursday, October 18th to hear his side of the story. You can follow him on twitter @mtoader.

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