Time Management in YouTrack 4.1 Webinar Recording

Hot off of the digital press, the latest YouTrack webinar is now available on JetBrains.tv and YouTube. Since the recording, YouTrack 4.1 has become publicly available too and you can read about the new release on the team blog and Get YouTrack 4.1 right now.

We would like to thank our attendees for their time and questions that made the webinar more of a discussion. We appreciate your attention and feedback.

This webinar introduces Time Management in YouTrack 4.1. You’ll learn how to add work items, how to check your progress on specific task or the whole feature at a glance. We’ll cover the process of creating Time Reports and show how to configure Time Tracking per project/user. Improved GitHub integration and multiple Agile Board enhancements are also included!

Learn more about YouTrack on the product pages or follow the latest happenings @YouTrack.

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