Happy Birthday JetBrains! How old are you?

“Oh, thank you!! I’m 17, ehm, no 15… well it depends :)”

Every year in early February we celebrate JetBrains birthday in our offices. While reviewing pictures from celebrations this year we noticed an interesting thing — different offices consider JetBrains age to be different? Why?!

Well, developers mainly think in code, and the first lines of IntelliJ IDEA code appeared in a product named IntelliJ Renamer and were developed by the company named IntelliJ Software back in 2000. It then became JetBrains. So it makes us 17 based on that.

But some people know and remember the date when the company named JetBrains was registered and it is exactly 2 years later, so they say it is 15. And who can know better than people in the headquarters, right?

In any case, no matter the age, we had a fun birthday party in all the offices.

Check out the mannequin challenge performed by the team in Prague (can you notice anyone blink?)

“Code is Art” masterpiece created by the team in Munich (click for more pictures and the result)

and a gorgeous 17-shaped cake for our biggest team in St.Petersburg.
ZHO_4158 2

Do you celebrate your company birthday? How do you calculate the age?

Happy Birthday, JetBrains!
Happy coding to you, our users!

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18 Responses to Happy Birthday JetBrains! How old are you?

  1. Seshadri Ramani says:

    Happy Birthday Jetbrains. Using IntelliJ since version 1. Have persuaded/forced many to convert to your ecosystem. Your make our life lot simpler.

    Thanks to your entire team for the passion, brilliance and ingenuity in crafting all the tools we use.

  2. Paco says:

    Happy birthday, folks!

  3. sidahmed benkhaoua says:

    Happy borthwork

  4. Oussama Hafferssas says:

    Happy birthday JetBrains ! Thanks for all these well crafted tools that have made our lives much easier !

  5. Wooseong Kim says:

    Happy birthday JetBrains Team!
    I really appreciate your great work~

  6. Graham Stephenson says:

    Looking forward to many more great years ahead! Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!

    Thanks for your wonderful products and especially for the students’ license, it’s very graceful of you! Makes me wanna program again and again even with no money in the pocket, student style :)

  8. jtonic says:

    Happy birthday Jetbrains, and good luck in providing us with even better software development tools.

  9. Leandrit Ferizi says:

    PhpStorm, WebStorm are 10 star IDE for me. I work with Rails as well, and I might start using your IDE for Rails soon.
    Keep it up. Thanks for these products

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