Live Coding an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin from Scratch (Part 2)

This free webinar on developing IntelliJ IDEA plugins will pickup where the previous one left-off (view recording). In Part 2 of Live Coding an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin from Scratch, we will:

  • Test our example plugin using our testing framework;
  • Manage dependencies using our project model APIs;
  • Show how to write inspections (code analysis), intentions (quick fixes), and saving options in the settings.

Join us Tuesday, January 22nd from 19:00 – 20:00 CET (Central European Time). Space is limited; please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar.

About Dmitry Jemerov
Dmitry JemerovSince joining JetBrains in 2003, Dmitry Jemerov has worn a lot of hats in the company. These days, in his role as the CTO, he’s focusing on the server-side tools strategy of JetBrains. He also leads the development of PyCharm, an IDE for Python and Django. Writing plugin development documentation was Dmitry’s first task when he joined the IntelliJ IDEA team back in 2005, and he’s put a lot of effort into supporting plugin developers and improving the plugin infrastructure since that time. You can follow Dmitry on Twitter @intelliyole.

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