Webinar Recording – Live Coding a Plugin from Scratch

Our November 29th webinar featuring JetBrains CTO, Dmitry Jemerov, may have been the last webinar of 2012 and it will have been a great way to finish the year. As the second webinar in our ongoing series about IntelliJ IDEA plugin development, the number of registrations and attendance nearly doubled! Stay tuned for more information on a third session. You can view the video on or YouTube below.

In this webinar JetBrains CTO, Dmitry Jemerov, builds an IntelliJ IDEA plugin from scratch and discusses the ins and outs of plugin development.

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In related news… The next major version of our flagship Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA 12, is now available and ready for your download. Learn more about IntelliJ iDEA 12.

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