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Check out the new and improved Developers Community site

The Developers Community site (previously known as Devnet) is JetBrains’ main hub for connecting our Community and providing comprehensive product-related resources for developers.

Today we introduce the revamped Developers Community site. Followed the recent overhaul of the website, we’ve brightened up the design, streamlined navigation and added new helpful features, resources and links.

Community Entry Point

The Developers Community website provides clear communication channels for you to stay in touch with your JetBrains product(s) of interest and the relevant developer communities. It’s your one-stop-shop to quickly locate technical resources or learning materials, solve a technical problem, read the latest EAP news, provide your feedback or feature requests, submit sponsorship requests, etc. These channels and resources take many different forms, including videos, blog articles, forum discussions, the issue tracker and more.

The home page lists the Product Communities where you’ll find the Product Dashboards. Use the top navigation menu to go to the Company Blog or the Product Blogs, the Development Academy, JetBrains TV channel, or the Community Sponsorship. The Recent updates feed on the right helps you quickly find the latest company or product news (just filter them using the drop-down list):

Product Dashboards

Click on any product name on the home page to jump to its Product Dashboard. Each Product Dashboard contains Quick Links to all product-related resources. Much like before, these links help you easily access the following product web services:

• Discussion Forums
• Knowledge Base
• Early Access Programs
• Plugin Repositories
• Bug & Issue Tracker
• Blogs
• Video channels on JetBrains.TV

To keep you posted on the latest product updates, each Dashboard includes some news feeds:

Recent news highlighting the latest EAP news and fresh blog posts
Forum Activity feed which represents new forum threads
Recent Videos feed where you can find different product screencasts and our webinar recordings.















Community Sponsorship

Here at JetBrains we believe in sharing experience, promoting technologies and offering networking opportunities for professional developers and those just learning the craft. If you run a technology user group, or plan to organize a tech event such as a conference, workshop or codecamp, or teach a class, this section is for you!










To request support for your user group or developer community, go to this Developers Community section, complete the form and submit it. We’ll be happy to help you if we can.

Going forward

Since there’s always room for improvement, here’s what we have in store for the Developers Community website. First, we’re going to integrate more services inside: discussion forums, a support and a knowledge base system. Another big thing is a search engine upgrade, designed to simplify navigation among the different web services. And last but not least, we’ll be adding a new section with the list of upcoming webinars.

This is just the beginning in a wide range of site improvements. Check it out and tell us what you think – we always appreciate your feedback!

–JetBrains team

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