Experience the Full Versatility of Ruby with RubyMine 5

JetBrains releases RubyMine 5 bringing its full stack of development tools for more types of Ruby applications, with smart code assistance, testing and debugging features now available for RubyMotion, cutting-edge Ruby 2.0, JRuby, Web applications and many others

February 6, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic, February 6, 2013 — JetBrains, the creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, have announced the availability of RubyMine 5, the new major release of their powerful Ruby and Rails development environment.

RubyMine significantly expands the boundaries of the very diverse Ruby development, which ranges from simple testing scripts to full-featured high-load web apps to mobile apps following all the hottest trends. To help software developers be more productive and always write stable, well-tested code, RubyMine now provides its acclaimed tools for more types of Ruby development, including brand new support for the increasingly popular development of iOS apps based on RubyMotion.

“We’re very excited to support RubyMotion, which is a powerful toolchain based on MacRuby that allows creating native iOS applications using our favorite Ruby language. Now RubyMine provides full assistance for RubyMotion apps, like it does for all other Ruby apps,” said Dennis Ushakov, RubyMine lead developer. “To make Ruby development for iOS more productive and enjoyable, we used our code analysis routines to provide smart code completion for RubyMotion apps, and implemented debugging and testing support based on our visualization tools.”

New and enhanced support is also available for other Ruby applications, including:

  • CoffeeScript debugger makes Web development more effective and failproof.
  • For cutting-edge Ruby 2.0 development, RubyMine includes syntax and debugging support.
  • Syntax highlighting is now available for most of the programming languages through an import of TextMate bundles.
  • Full running and debugging support is now available for TorqueBox and Trinidad platforms.
  • Creating Ruby gem applications is now as simple as creating any other app.
  • Integration of remote Ruby interpreters is added for managing remote applications.
  • Puppet support is added for better management of application servers.

In addition, RubyMine 5 brings a number of IDE improvements to make Ruby and Rails development more comfortable, including a new dark look-and-feel for the UI; improvements in the IdeaVim plugin; new features for Sass and LESS languages; and other enhancements.

To learn more about JetBrains RubyMine and to download a free 30-day evaluation, please visit the official RubyMine website at

Separate personal and commercial licenses are available for RubyMine, both affordably priced and both including free major and minor IDE updates within one year of the purchase date. To learn more please see

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