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Webinar Recording, Umbraco Meets YouTrack: From Bug Tracking Chaos to Issue Management

The recording of our March 12th webinar, Umbraco Meets YouTrack: From Bug Tracking Chaos to Issue Management, is now available on and YouTube.

Thank you Sebastiaan and Hadi for the great session and thank you to all of the webinar attendees for your attention and questions. Enjoy the recording, be sure to check out the resources below and last but not least, stay tuned for more upcoming webinars.

About This Webinar:

Sebastiaan Janssen walks us through the wide range of YouTrack features he regularly uses at Umbraco: doing complex searches in second, using keyboard shortcuts and command console, integration data from the tracker into release page via YouTrack REST API and more advanced tricks.

Additional Resources:

  • Matrix reports: Currently, sharing matrix reports with the team is not possible but you can vote for it.
  • Agile Board: We are working on making YouTrack agile board better. View the suggested enhancements, vote for the ones you like and add your own.
  • Integration with TFS and VCS: Integration is only possible via TeamCity (details here).
  • Custom and out-of-the-box workflows: We think that workflows are important enough to dedicate a whole webinar to them. Stay tuned for the details.
  • Umbraco ApiController.cs on GitHub

Learn more about YouTrack and Umbraco.

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