AppCode 2.0, Objective-C IDE Done Right

AppCode 2.0 integrates with the Kiwi testing framework and popular documentation browsers, introduces even more code generation options and refactorings, plus comes with a new dark UI theme.March 20, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic, March 20, 2013 — JetBrains, creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software development tools, today announced the general availability of AppCode 2.0, a major new release of their cutting-edge Objective-C IDE.

AppCode is designed to ease the everyday routine for developers who are facing the challenges of Objective-C development as they build apps for Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones and iPads. To help them become more productive, AppCode tightly integrates with Xcode and focuses on code quality, offering convenient code navigation, smart code completion, on-the-fly code analysis with quick-fix suggestions, and better code refactorings.

The latest release brings together the leading tools and best development practices to help Objective-C developers get the most out of popular unit testing frameworks, documentation browsers, and web development tools and technologies. AppCode 2.0 expands its code generation options, refactorings, coding assistance features, and deep code analysis to make Objective-C development faster and more enjoyable than ever before.

“We received tons of valuable feedback from developers who already used AppCode 1.x, and we did our best to bring the IDE to the next level,” said Anton Makeev, AppCode Project Manager. “We’ve added new refactorings like Move Members and Extract Superclass, implemented new code generations options, and greatly improved TDD experience so that you can instantly run any test under your fingertips. Along with Darcula, our striking new UI theme, AppCode 2.0 is a huge leap forward.”

AppCode 2.0 feature highlights include:

  • Full-fledged support for the popular Kiwi testing framework.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with two documentation browsers: Dash and Ingredients.
  • Extended and improved set of safe and reliable refactorings, including such vital ones as Move/Copy/Clone and Pull Members Up/Push Members Down.
  • Even more code generation options: now you can easily surround code with -respondsToSelector: and automatically add the methods -isEqual: and -hash-description-copyWithZone:-initWithCoder: and -encodeWithCoder:.
  • Over 2,000 code inspections and error diagnostics notes from the Clang compiler, now displayed right in the editor.
  • New dark UI theme called Darcula for an absolutely new and fresh experience while working with the IDE.
  • Core Data objects shown in the debugger.
  • Improved device support featuring options to run tests and Instruments on an iOS device.
  • Bundled XPath support and support for Emmet.

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