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JetBrains Tools Available to Outercurve Foundation Contributors

In an agreement reached with JetBrains, the Outercurve Foundation has announced that project contributors will receive complimentary licenses for JetBrains software development tools. The free licenses cover JetBrains award-winning IDEs, and .NET and mobile development tools. Additionally, YouTrack and TeamCity are available through CodeBetter, a collaborative effort of, IdeaVine and JetBrains.

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As a result of this agreement, Outcurve project leaders have reported code quality and productivity gains that in return benefit the larger open source community. Here is what a few project leaders had to say:

“We appreciate the free licenses of ReSharper. The code formatting tools and ability to convert code to LINQ expressions comes in handy,”
– Phil Haack, project leader of Outercurve’s NuGet package management system

“The free hosted TeamCity environment that JetBrains and CodeBetter has offered Orchard and other open-source projects enables us to have a great and public automated continuous integration workflow.” Le Roy continued to say, “JetBrains also generously offered licenses for ReSharper and dotTrace to core contributors, which help us keep Orchard fast and clean, and make development so much easier. These are fantastic products from true friends of open-source.”
– Bertrand Le Roy, project leader of Orchard

“JetBrains’ sponsorship of open source projects has allowed DotNetOpenAuth to consistently ship with higher quality, while its developers spend less time in full build validation and building special builds for early adopters,” said Arnott. “Once we had TeamCity installed (which was pretty easy) we were able to check-in, and then just watch for emails over the next 20 minutes to see if something unexpected broke and then respond when it did. Building a final release of some version of DotNetOpenAuth is nearly fully automated with TeamCity as well.”
– Andrew Arnott, project leader of DotNetOpenAuth

This announcement further demonstrates JetBrains continued support of the open source software community that includes Project Kotlin, MPS, and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.

About The Outercurve Foundation
The Outercurve Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation created as a forum in which open source communities and the software development community can come together with the shared goal of increasing participation in open source community projects. For more information on the Outercurve Foundation, see

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