Meet JetBrains at Scala Days NYC 2013

Scala Days NYC, June 10th - 12th

JetBrains will be in the Big Apple June 10th – 12th for Scala Days NYC and we hope to meet you there!

Taking place at the beautiful Hudson Theater in midtown Manhattan, Scala Days 2013 brings together developers from all over the world to share their experiences and new ideas around creating applications with Scala and Scala-based libraries and frameworks. The conference provides a great opportunity to meet with the JetBrains team and other key contributors to the language and related technologies.

Come by our booth to learn about our support for Scala, which is available for free in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition via a separate plugin. Our team will be happy to have a conversation and answer your questions.

Be sure not to miss our session with Andrey Cheptsov“Scala Developer Tools in IntelliJ IDEA: SBT, Play and Scalate,” Wednesday, June 12th from 11:15 – 12:00.

With IntelliJ IDEA frequently called the most intelligent Java IDE, JetBrains is working to replicate similar levels of code assistance and developer tools for Scala. This presentation will showcase some of the IDE’s trickiest features that help developers to be more productive, and will provide a brief overview of IntelliJ IDEA’s plugin infrastructure for Scala development, including support for SBT, Play Framework and Scalate.

Keep up with the latest IntelliJ IDEA news on their blog and on Twitter @intellijidea.

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