IntelliJ IDEA is the base for Android Studio, the new IDE for Android developers

We are happy to confirm that Android Studio, the new IDE for Android development that Google is developing in cooperation with JetBrains, is based on the IntelliJ Platform and the existing functionality of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.

IntelliJ IDEA had support for Android project for years, we have been paying attention to Android developers’ needs. That helped us to get more users with every release.

At JetBrains we’ve always aimed at creating a solid product that provided the best out-of-the-box experience possible. Its tons of productivity enhancements, leading code analysis engine and excellent user interface made IntelliJ IDEA stand out among the competition.

And we always were open for collaboration. We made our IntelliJ platform open source in 2009 and since then a couple of companies have built their development environments on top of it. We are happy to see that our efforts have been recognized by such a respected company as Google.

We worked tightly with Google to help them create the best possible experience for Android developers on top of IntelliJ platform. The result of the collaboration is Android Studio, which is available as a preview release today. We are sure that it will attract thousands of new developers to the platform and will make Android programming so much more pleasant.

This doesn’t mean we’re dropping Android support from the IntelliJ Community Edition. It will remain a free and open Java IDE with full Android support and will include the new features developed by both the Google and JetBrains teams. We will continue to work hard on the core IntelliJ experience as well as help improve Android Studio.

You can see the updated Android support in the Early Access Preview of IntelliJ IDEA v13 that is opened today. Please try it now and give us your feedback. This EAP build includes all of the new features of Android Studio except for the new project wizard and the AppEngine cloud endpoints integration. These latter features will also appear in our EAP builds in the coming weeks.

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130 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA is the base for Android Studio, the new IDE for Android developers

  1. Douglas Morato says:

    Where is the link to download Android Studio

  2. Douglas Morato says:

    The link to download Android Studio is here:

  3. So…

    Is IntelliJ + Android SDK = Android Studio or is Android Studio a thing on its own?

  4. Jamal, see the last paragraph of this blog post?

  5. Manuel says:

    Using IntelliJ is the best choice for Android Development.

    Congratulations and thanks to give us the best JAVA IDE for Android.


  6. Gilles says:

    Once again, congrats!!!
    IDEA has been my IDE since v3.0.

    • Kun Yue says:

      same here, been using lovely IntelliJ as major IDE since v3.x :)

      • Chris says:

        Same here :)
        It’s a great IDE. With a couple of things missing but overall a lot of time saving stuff like mentioned in article.
        Tried sublime text 2 and that can’t do everything this does, not even with it’s many plugins.

  7. I’m so excited for these features to come to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. I got IntelliJ through the Mayan Doomsday sale and couldn’t be happier. I’m pleased that you guys are continuing to make Android development easier!

  8. attrib says:

    If IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition has the features of Android Studio, what is the difference then? Can I seamlasly swicth between both? Will it be the same?
    Or did they removed Java compatibily in Android Studio?

    • Paul says:

      Based on the last paragraph, IntelliJ does not have all the necessary components for Android development.

      They will update to add them, but it will not be optimized for Android development, so Android Studio is preferable for Android development.

      I’m also guessing that in the future, when Android Studio updates, IntelliJ will lag behind with updates (if ever updated).

      Basically, stick to Android Studio for Android, and IntelliJ for non-Android development.

      • Dmitry Jemerov says:

        The lag that exists right now is just an unfortunate consequence of coordinating the releases for Google I/O. In the future, we expect Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA to always be in sync.

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      The difference is that Android Studio is specifically focused on Android development. It does not remove any features available in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, but it changes some workflows to simplify setting up the environment and projects for Android. The two IDEs use the same project format, and you can switch between them seamlessly.

  9. @Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven I am just trying to assess whether I will be better off running both, i.e.

    Android Studio for android development and IntelliJ for Scala, Clojure, etc.


    If I can keep my setup knowing that Google and Jetbrains are working together for one seamless experience.

    I have read the last paragraph.

  10. pjmlp says:

    What about support for NDK development, is anything like C and C++ components from AppCode be made available in Android Studio?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      We do plan to support NDK development in IntelliJ IDEA when our C++ tools become more mature (some time next year most likely). As for plans to support NDK development in Android Studio, please ask the Google team.

      • Rich Eakin says:

        That is great to hear, we use the ndk for all android apps (as our framework is cross-platform C++) and, when compared to other mobile platforms, using it is quite painful because of the lack of decent IDE support. Also, so happy to see Jetbrains and Google working together!

      • Björn Kautler says:

        Just playing the devil’s advocate here, but first you say that AS and IJ should always be in sync in the future, but here you say it will diverge and we should ask Google for NDK support. I’m a bit confused.

        Nevertheless it is great news that there is such a tight collaboration. My first thought when I read the news from I/O was whether AS is a stock IJ with a plugin that can also be used on stock IJ, because I like to also use IJ Ultimate features during android development and like to have the same settings, no matter whether I develop for Desktop or Android. :-)

        • Dmitry Jemerov says:

          AS and IJ Community Edition should always be in sync. However, it’s very unlikely that full C/C++ development support is going to be part of IJ Community Edition.

          • Rich Eakin says:

            This makes sense to me – we all know how tough it is to add proper C++ support to an IDE, all that effort is worth purchasing the full edition in my opinion.

  11. Gerardo Martinez says:

    Hello, I downloaded the android studio for windows and it does not work, I have windows 7 Pro 64, anyone with the same problem?

  12. David Leppik says:

    Looks like is missing, so the link to the Idea EAP is broken.

  13. Eno says:

    It looks like, at least initially, until Android Studio hits a stable release, we wont see any new features from Studio in IntelliJ Ultimate for awhile. Sound about right?

    I recently bought Ultimate specifically to switch to it for Android development so Im curious to have some idea of when we can expect updates to Ultimate.

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      The EAP build for IntelliJ IDEA 13 is available now and includes (almost) all of the new features of Android Studio. There are no plans to backport any of the new Android Studio features to version 12.1.

  14. Aaron Newcomb says:

    So … Android Studio is a code fork and they are contributing back to IntelliJ IDEA? They are being treated as two separate projects so I assume this is technically the case, correct? I am having trouble wrapping my mind around this otherwise.

  15. bigCat says:

    碾压 Eclipse …
    can’t wait for IDEA 13

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  19. Ethan says:

    WOW, can’t wait to download. Great news. Thanks very much for all efforts

  20. Ioannnis says:

    Although this is great news for ‘droid developers, it worries me when Google sticks its snout in another company as , more often than not, it results in buyouts and the technology eventually festering or disappearing altogether..

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Thanks for your feelings. But no worries.
      We see it as for the best of everyone, not just the ‘droid devs.

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  22. Bekir Onat AKIN says:

    Recently I’ve sent a feature request to you about more android support. I had a quick response that says idea will have better support for android than eclipse in a year.
    I didn’t expect that much improvement on android. :) So can you give a hint about Android Studio stable mature release? 3 months? 6 months?
    keep up the great work.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      We can only say that IntelliJ IDEA 13 will be released before the end of 2013, probably early in December. But we do not know the exact plans about the Android Studio. It is better to ask the Google team about it.

  23. This video shows how to run a simple app using Android Studio

  24. pavan says:

    Great article.. This article might be useful.. Thanks for the post..! Nice Information you have provided..!

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  26. Spuchi says:

    Will Android Studio be integrated into Idea Ultimate? I have a licence and I’m interested to know if I’ll have all the benefits of Android Studio (completion, checks, UI & translation preview, and so forth) in Idea Ultimate as I don’t want to keep two separate IDEs.

  27. Angella Derington says:

    I’m also curious about Ultimate-like support in Android Studio. We use TFS and require the Ultimate license for VCS integration. Will Android Studio have this option, or will I need to continue using Ultimate with the Android plugins?

  28. Marc Stock says:

    First off, congrats on your collaboration with Google to bring Android Studio to IntelliJ. I think that’s going to work out well for both of you.

    However, if the only things really being added to 13 are Android related features, I won’t be upgrading. I don’t do Android development and right now 13 is shaping up to be pretty much an Android release.

    I would love to see some new things in IntelliJ that would benefit all, like:

    1) The ability to selectively deactivate modules without removing them from the project. I work in an environment where we have to have a lot of modules loaded but I don’t always need them all running all the time, so if I could have those modules temporarily excluded from compiling, searches and deployments, that would be fantastic. Eclipse has had this ability for a long time.

    2) I would like to be able to maximize and unmaximize the console. Sometimes a tiny window for stack trace and logging statements just doesn’t cut it and I’m tired of having drag the window frame larger or hold down the hotkeys to do likewise.

    3) Fix the memory leak or whatever it is that when you have multiple IntelliJs running or you flip between projects, that it eventually gets to the point where the CPU is pegged. This happens even if the OS itself has plenty of RAM left to work with. If you kill IntelliJ, everything goes back to normal.

    I could go on, but that’s a start. I’m just hoping you haven’t forgotten the rest of us while you work on android. Thanks,


    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Thanks Marc!
      Naturally, lot’s of other things are planned for v13 outside Android support. Stay tuned for the updates in future EAP builds.

  29. Colin Kershaw says:

    Great news, and well deserved. More people developing with pleasure!

  30. Robert Demmer says:

    IntelliJ IDEA Blog has posted an FAQ that may help answer more of your questions. Go to: IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio FAQ

  31. whew, for a moment there I thought Google bought JetBrains )

    “in cooperation” is good.

  32. I was really glad to hear this news. More Idea market share is a good thing for the Java community, and this news out of Google can only lead that way.




  33. Tilman Rossmy says:

    Great news, hope that this is only the first of many steps to break up the depressing domination of Eclipse.

  34. Can I Paint It Black? says:

    Can the background color be made black? Brown/grey whatever serves only to reduce contrast. Fine for artsy-fartsies who aim to please the unknowning, but we are not in that crowd. We are a practical bunch.

  35. Swait says:

    That’s great news, looking forward to work on Android studio.

  36. Werner says:

    I’m not a Intellij user and use Eclipse ADT/ant to do my Android project. However, I’m fairly neutral if it comes to development environments as long as they work and are usable. Currently Android studio is IMHO useless for projects that are somewhat bigger then simple Hello world type projects.

    I’ve tried to port over a medium sized project that uses ABS and followed the hints given by Google (producing the gradle build files for my project and for ABS, etc) and tried to import my project, ABS, into studio and use ABS module as dependency. Failed, maybe it’s a problem because I have the ABS in the same directory structure as my project (it’s git sub-module), who knows. Maybe I need to edit the gradle files to add some dependency statements, however it was not possible to do it with the UI

    Also the whole build process is not really working yet, getting errors about incompatibilities with gradle libraries and/or plugins etc.

    IMHO they have a *lot* to do to make a swing-over from Eclipse to Intellij more seamless, in particular given the fairly large difference in the UI concepts between Eclipse and Intellij.

    I’m not sure how the change to the gradle build system will work out for larger projects that have fully automated nightly builds that are currently use ant with Jenkins for example.

  37. Chris Bel says:

    What type of source control is supported. In Eclipse I used SVN.

  38. babyduncan says:

    may i use ideaIU for free ?

  39. Cary B says:

    Great news! I’ve been a fan of IntelliJ for many years and I’m tired of seeing every Android book using Eclipse. IDEA is a superior platform and it’s awesome to see it affirmed in this manner.

  40. adam says:

    great work baby.

  41. guari says:

    “…leading code analysis engine and excellent user interface made IntelliJ IDEA stand out among the competition.”

    Just an hint: it would be really usefull if it’ll be improved the font rendering in the whole editor, since it’s based on java Swing. Coding into an IDE where fonts are rendered aliased and with bad hinting isn’t so good for an ‘excellent user interface’, it will be great to patch it to use the same font render engine used by the system like eg SWT does.

    • guari says:

      on linux, I finally got it working with a PERFECT font rendering (I’m on a high-dpi display), to achieve this you have to:

      – Install and use Oracle JDK (I’m using 1.7) and not OpenJDK (also the patched one with fontfix was useless for me);

      – Edit the file studio.vmoptions and for 64bit studio64.vmoptions by adding these lines without quotes:

      – Remove hinting informations from the font that you would like to use and select the new font into Android Studio preferences (Setting->Editor->Font); if you don’t know how to do this, install FontForge then:
      1. Open your font in FontForge
      2. Select all glyphs via Ctrl+A and clear all hints (Hints -> Clear Hints)
      3. Select glyphs again and use Hints -> Clear Instruction
      4. Save the font with different name ( File -> Generate Fonts)
      5. Install the new font, select it in IDEA

      • Nirjhar says:


        would you please show a screen shot of your work?

      • dan says:

        This should be carved to stone. Thanks for the tip.

        For me it was just enough to switch to Sun JDK and edit the studio64.vmoptions file. No FontForge magic was needed. I’m on Fedora 18 running a recent KDE with fonts configured to “Sans Serif”.

      • guari says:

        I forgot to write, if you followed the above tips and you’re experiencing lags when fast scrolling the code try removing the line
        in studio/studio64.vmoptions

      • bloke says:

        I love you.

        Works on Windows as well :) The part with removing font hints did some awesome magic.

        It would be great if this was on Super User as well, so people could find it more easily :)

        I’ve just posted a question on Super user, could you please answer it there, just copy-paste this :) A million thanks!

  42. teddy says:

    A big BRAVO for you guys !

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  44. Excelent news and congratulations guys!!!!!!!

  45. Yuriy says:

    Android Studio does not launching even after setting in JAVA_HOME and in PATH pathes to JDK and JRE and %android-sdk%\tools\

    (When I clicking on the launch icon or on studio.exe nothing is happens. No reaction.)

    Windows 7 x64
    JDK, JRE 1.7

  46. Paul Read says:

    Delightful – no ‘perspectives’ to get in the way of dev!

  47. rudifus says:

    thx guari – font hint works well on linux :o)

  48. Neogene says:

    Finally Google understood that Eclipse is really a mess for developing Android apps (really slow and full of bugs), i was using it only for this purpose and many times the day i’m forced to close it, restart, clean etc etc. Finally Google is going in the right direction using your editor.

  49. ALI says:

    Great IDE but i have problem with that we cannot veiw our all projects in package explorer like in Eclipes

  50. axel says:

    hi mmm.. i have a error it’s say : project not found someone can help me ?

  51. Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the great effort.

    My web blog :: create An Android App

  52. James Ng says:


    I have encountered a problem with the Android Studio not able to find the SDK. I am running the studio on Mac and when I click on the SDK manager, a message telling me to specify the SDK. I checked in terminal that the SDK is at where it should be so I don’t understand why the studio cannot locate it.

    I have also checked my project structure and the SDK is listed in the platform settings.

    Truly appreciate any kind of help. Thank you very much.

    • James Ng says:

      I have managed to answer my question. I need to manually set the SDK in the project structure as my project is imported from eclipse.

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  55. Gutemberg Ribeiro says:


    Great work with this new project. Saved us a lot of time against Eclipse.

    So, we are using TFS as our source control repository and I found this plugin on your repository and it says that Android Studio is supported by it.

    I´ve downloaded it and installed on Preferences panel. But after restart the IDE, it shows RED and say that I need Ultimate version. So, will it become available and supported? Since TFS Services is free for us, would be awesome to have at least basic functionalities like check in and check out working in a “free” version of this plugin.

    Thanks a lot!



    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      The TFS plugin is only intended to be available for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other commercial IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs. I’ve updated the metadata of the plugin accordingly.

      Normally we don’t provide separate “free” and “non-free” versions of version control plugins, and we have no plans to do so for TFS. You can either upgrade to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, which fully supports both Android development and TFS, or set up external tools (Settings | External Tools) to perform basic TFS operations.

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  57. Aaron S says:

    At my company I’d love to use this, but we require TFS integration and I don’t feel like petitioning for the $500 for Ultimate Edition. So, sadly, for now I am using Eclipse still for Android development.

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  61. Mahdi says:

    Intellij IDEA is the BEST IDE for Java Developers :)
    I Just Want to say Special Thanks to JetBrains Developers for these Great Softwares they Made.


  62. stereomatch says:

    I am hearing over on the eyes-free google group that the new Android IDE is woefully inadequate for use by the blind. That is, Accessibility support is poor to the point of not even being evaluatable – i.e. basics are not in place.

    I realize that the Android IDE or Android Studio is still in early access stage – but is there any move by Google to improve this situation. Thanks.

    Though I realize now what the answer is going to be – ask Google. How does one get answers from Google (difficult).

  63. stereomatch says:

    I should have asked is IntelliJ IDEA going to have better Accessibility support in the future – or do you expect some contributions from Google in this regard that will go into IntelliJ etc.

    Happy New Year.

  64. Ramadani says:

    hi, I want to ask. whether intellij IDEA free version (Community Edition) can be used for development of android application? thank you

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      But of course! IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is a fully functional IDE for Android development. The features developed for Android Studio appear in IntelliJ IDEA as well.

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  66. Somnath says:

    The day is not far when Android Studio will be more popular than Eclipse between Android Java developers, IntelliJIdea Rocks!!!

  67. zhyuan says:

    I am trying to use latest version of Android Studio 0.8.14, but it is REALLY slow when trying to drag and drop GUI items in the design panel…
    CPU and Memory consumption works as expected, no idea what went wrong, may anyone help here?

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  69. TBBT says:

    Hi jetbrains team,

    I started using Android Studio from eclipse and I found it built my project very very slow, sometimes even 10 minutes per time. Instead of it, Eclipse built fairly fast. Are there any problems with the IDE.

  70. Javier N. says:

    I decided to use IDEA again. I tried to use Google’s modified version for a while, but kept getting frustrated that it took too long to compile simple programs. So I am back to using IDEA.

  71. Sam Ramezanli says:


    After the recent update of Android Studio, I’m no longer able to smart zoom using my Macbook pro’s pad. I used this feature to easily zoom-in and zoom-out inside the code. It was the best thing I liked about Android Studio but its gone now the only way to do it is by using the Command+Scrolling which I’m not used to.

    Can you please tell me how I can fix this issue?


  72. FABIO says:

    Android Studio is a joke. I’ve worked with many IDEs but AS is the worst.

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  74. paul says:

    This is the suckiest IDE I have used in 20 years of development .
    You spend twice as much time configuring this piece of crap than you do actually developing.
    This was a big step backwards from the eclipse plug in.

    Screw google and android. Stick to Apple.

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