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JetBrains Sets Sight on Brazil

TDC AudienceIf you have ever had the pleasure to meet a Brazilian developer or attend JavaOne in San Francisco, you will know that they are a passionate group that deeply care about developer tools and demand the best.

As strong supporters of free and open source software, JetBrains tools such as IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition have been growing more and more popular in Brazil for some time. While our open source tools continue to gain in popularity locally, interest for our commercial software has experienced an even greater increase. In return, JetBrains is sponsoring a series of local events and offering a special promotion for attendees.

Through our local reseller, Katálogo, attendees will receive 60% off personal licenses! Eligible products include: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, RubyMine, PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, ReSharper, dotCover and dotTrace. The offer expires July 31, 2013.

We invite attendees of the following conferences to participate in this time-limited offer:

JustJava, June 7-8
JustJavaJustJava started as the first independent, Java-focused event in Brazil. With a strong presence from JUG leaders from all over the country, world-renowned Brazilian speakers, and a strong presence from companies and the government, JustJava is clearly the meeting point of the Brazilian Java community.

TDC2013 São Paulo, July 10-14
TDC2013The Developers Conference (TDC) is a series of events held in important technology centers across Brazil. The conferences bring together several communities that include .NET, C/C++, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Additional upcoming sponsored events:

  • TDC2013 Recife, November 8-9
  • TDC2013 Porto Alegre, October 26

JetBrains can sponsor your event too. Get in touch and share the details with us. We are currently planning more sponsorship and conference participation in Brazil.

If you belong to a community or user group that relates to JetBrains products, they may be eligible for support in the form of free licenses for raffle. Have you user group leader contact us using our dedicated form.

Bruno Souza“One of the wonders of the Java technology is the strong and vibrant ecosystem that exists around Java. JetBrains is a special player in this ecosystem, and has empowered developers around the globe to have a great experience with Java. Making Java developers more productive and their daily job fun is fundamental for the evolution of Java and for the continued relevance of the technology. SouJava is very happy to see JetBrain’s efforts to bring this empowerment to the Brazilian developer, and we are sure that the whole Java ecosystem will benefit from this initiative.” 

– Bruno Souza is a SouJava founder and the JUG’s representative at the JCP Executive Committee.

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