JetBrains at NDC 2013: 2 Workshops, 2 Talks and Booth

NDC Oslo 2013

Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) is Norway’s largest conference dedicated to .NET and Agile development. This year’s event takes place June 10-14 in Oslo, Norway and looks to build on the success of NDC 2012 that attracted more than 1,600 participants and a wide array of Partners from leading IT companies.

JetBrains team members will be on hand leading a total of four workshops and talks in addition to staffing our booth. We invite you to come by and learn what’s new in the latest EAPs of ReSharper 8, dotTrace 5.5 and dotCover 2.5 and share your thoughts on these planned releases and other JetBrains tools.

Mark you calendar for the following workshops and talks:

Continuous Integration and Delivery Workshop, June 10th
Hadi Hariri and Paul Stack, JetBrains Development Academy Expert

In this workshop we’re going to deal with the implementation details. We’ll see how to set up projects, distinguish types of tests, deal with triggering and branching, configure dependencies to improve maintainability, work with outputs, deal with failures, as well as manage and run deployment pipelines. This will be a workshop about putting the concepts into practice and seeing where things work, where they don’t. Learn more.

ReSharper Workshop, June 11th
Hadi Hariri

In this full day workshop, we’re going to refresh your knowledge about mainstream ReSharper functionality, and learn about many of the overlooked features of ReSharper. Beyond the simple navigation, we’ll learn how to effectively navigate legacy codebases using advanced navigation features, inspections, usage search, and value⁄call tracking. We’ll learn about using some of the less known yet very useful automatic refactorings that ReSharper offers. Learn more.

Brewing Beer with Windows Azure, June 12th, 16:20 – 17:20
Maarten Balliauw

Inspired by one of the Windows Azure gods (Wade Wegner), Maarten decided to order a homebrewing starter kit. Being a total cloud fanboy, he decided to hook those delicious creations to the cloud. Join Maarten and discover how you can connect a USB temperature sensor to Windows Azure to monitor brewing and fermentation temperatures. He’ll show you how to do distributed, social brewing in this fun yet practical session on an interesting use case for the cloud: beer.

Being an Anti-Social Geek is Harmful, June 13th, 13:40 – 14:40
Hadi Hariri

My 20+ years experience in software development has shown me one thing if not anything else: lack of good communication can kill a team, can kill a product and can kill a company. Having dealt with hundreds of developers, managed many teams and started my own company, I have seen how team moral can be killed when communication is hindered. I have seen how products can fail when customers are ignored. Developers need to learn how to be social. Learn more.

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