JetBrains Earth Day Celebration Helps Plant 80,000 Trees

JetBrains Earth Day CelebrationJetBrains Earth Day Celebration was a great success! Our weeklong sale that offered up to 50% off new personal licenses will help plant 80,000 trees in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil.

As a reminder, every personal license purchased between April 15th and 22nd, 2013 will plant three to ten trees depending on the price of the product. THANK YOU!

We are overwhelmed by the widespread support for our tools and the interest of our community in supporting such a good cause. The initial campaign announcement was retweeted by 400 Twitter users and was widely shared across social media in general.

On behalf of our customers and thanks to your continued support, JetBrains is proud to make a US $80,000 donation ($1 = 1 Tree) to the Plant a Billion Trees initiative by The Nature Conservancy. These funds will help plant trees as part of their conservation effort to save the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.

As a side note, the most sold product of the celebration was IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition. Good job, Java developers!

Develop with pleasure!

– JetBrains Team

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10 Responses to JetBrains Earth Day Celebration Helps Plant 80,000 Trees

  1. Sunil says:

    No, Thank You! Thank you for making such a great IDE’s, for making the world a better place w/all those extra trees, and for letting me take part in it all at a very reasonable price :)

  2. Brandon Bernard says:

    I can’t agree more — a great sale sparked my interest and enabled me to finally buy 2 IDE’s I’d been wanting for some time (IntelliJ (AWESOME Sale Price) and Resharper)! Can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed the IDE’s over normal tools… but to do it while helping out a great cause, shows what a great company JetBrains is, and that’s something that I will continue to support!

  3. Gustavo L. Fabro says:

    Nice job!

    I’ll second what Sunil said. Great, FAST, awesome IDE. And also helping a good cause. I became a PHPStorm user on this day, and now I’m already broadcasting it to my colleagues and trying to convince the directors to buy commercial licenses for everybody.

  4. Cowboy says:

    When the next sales event? Love to use the tools, but it’s little pricy and stay in eclipse for now.

  5. Nikhil Khullar says:

    When will there be a sale again for a personal license of IntelliJ IDEA ..? I have been waiting since long but can’t afford for the full price. :(
    Really loved the trial of Ultimate version and awaiting a discount to buy the license.
    I hope a discount gets offered again…

  6. Marcel says:

    No earth day discount this year ? :(

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Marcel, we never announce our sales in advance but there are no discounts available at the moment. Sorry.

  7. josh says:

    Are you doing this again in 2014?

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello Josh. We never announce sales in advance and there are no general discounts at this time. If and when a sales takes place for any or all of our products we will be sure to share this news across all of our channels.

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