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Extending Java with MPS: Free Skills Matter Workshop in September

JetBrains MPSGet your hands on MPS and take your first steps in language design under the supervision of JetBrains MPS team members. We invite you to join our free workshop at Skills Matter in London Thursday, September 26th, 2013 from 9:00 AM.

Alex Shatalin and Václav Pech will guide you through the various aspects on language definition so we can build several DSLs and language extensions and then integrate them into a Java project.

This course is aimed at developers and technical leads who investigate the tooling aspect of the DSL domain. There are only 20 seats available for this course so please, book early to ensure you don’t miss out! Register now for this free event and get familiar with MPS.

About JetBrains’ DSLs and MPS experts:

Alexander ShatalinAlexander Shatalin is the JetBrains MPS project lead. Before joining JetBrains MPS, Alex worked as a principal engineer at Borland Together modelling department, participating in Borland DSL toolkit design and development, open source Eclipse Graphical Modelling Framework development, & in various other MDA/DSL­based application development.
Vaclav PechVáclav Pech is a programming enthusiast who’s constantly seeking ways to make development more effective & enjoyable. He’s particularly interested in server­side Java technologies, distributed systems, parallel programming, agile methodologies, modern programming languages and DSLs. He works with JetBrains on making development a pleasurable experience.

Keep up with the latest news on the JetBrains MPS Blog and on Twitter @jetbrains_mps.

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