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JetBrains Booth and Talks at CEE-SEC(R) 2013, Moscow, October 23rd – 25th

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JetBrains is a proud participant of the Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia and will be presenting three talks at the event.

Since 2005, CEE-SEC(R) is a key annual software event that is regularly attended by 700+ participants. Originally positioned as a Russian event, it has grown into a regional conference attracting international speakers and guests from around the world.

The conference has a high quality program with a talk acceptance rate of 35%. This year speakers are from leading IT companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Yandex, T-Systems and JetBrains.

Three talks from JetBrains were accepted and will highlight the recent improvements in Kotlin, IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity.

Kotlin vs Java Puzzlers, by Svetlana Isakova

Svetlana IsakovaThe famous “Java Puzzlers” made it clear that there are quite a few cases when it’s rather difficult to answer the question, “What does this code do?” Our intuition deceives us. It this talk we are going to rewrite some of the code snippets to Kotlin and discuss what can be fixed in the new JVM language, what cannot and whether it really matters.

Web Developer and Raw SQL: Conflicts & Approaches, by Philip Torchinsky

Philip TorchinskyA back-end database can affect web application performance significantly; however it happens when web developers do not pay enough attention to this aspect. This talk will show the different tools for viewing and modifying a database while debugging and profiling web applications. It will include a rarely used approach of working with the database directly from IDE.

Feature Branches vs. Continuous Integration, by Evgeniy Koshkin

Evgeniy KoshkinContinuous Integration (CI) and Feature Branches are widely used software development practices. At the same time, there’s the perception that Feature branches and CI don’t play well together. Nevertheless, different JetBrains teams use these practices, either separately or simultaneously. This talk describes the history of migrating to the use of Feature Branches by some teams, the problems they intended to solve, whether these problems were actually solved, and what new problems appeared as a result. The features which appeared in TeamCity in connection with this migration will also be discussed.

Panel Discussion with Andrey Ivanov, JetBrains COO

Andrey Ivanov

Andrey Ivanov will lead a panel discussion, Students in IT Companies, following the trend of extensive JetBrains participation in educational activities. This year alone, JetBrains has launched a large internship program, accepting 20+ applicants for summer internships at the company.

Come by JetBrains Booth for a chat and souvenir!

JetBrains will have a booth at CEE-SEC(R) and we look forward to meeting you there. The team will be ready to answer any and all of your questions, as well as share the latest products developments and give you a great souvenir. We will also organize a couple of quizzes to stimulate some friendly developer competition and compliment the sandwiches during the coffee breaks.

We hope to meet you at CEE-SEC(R)!

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