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JetBrains Adds Five New Training and Consulting Partners

We are pleased to announce five new JetBrains Partner Program members. Join us in welcoming: Infozone (Sweden),  GROSSWEBER (Germany), DevOpsGuys (England), MiQUiDO (Poland), and Industrial Logic (USA).

Through cooperation with our new and existing partners, we aim to bring proven, world-class training and consulting services to you and your area.

Learn more and hear what our new partners have to say.

InfozoneInfozone is a Swedish IT consulting company focused on workforce productivity. Their solutions combine the best of development, infrastructure, management and support services.

“This partnership with JetBrains will enrich our offering in the software development area. Being a long time developer myself, I know how the right tool-set can increase your productivity and quality. In my mind JetBrains is arguably the leading provider of developer tools today. We are convinced that this will bring us further along our goal of becoming the leading supplier of customized systems with high quality.” – Mattias Bylund, Business Unit Director, Infozone

GROSSWEBERGROSSWEBER is a training and consulting firm headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. GROSSWEBER’s training courses are based on the real-world experience gained from their consulting business.

“Our goal is to make software developers proud of what they create, and let them do it in a productive and efficient way. We found JetBrains products to be a very valuable addition to our toolbelt and love to spread the word about how great they are.” – Alexander Groß, CTO, GROSSWEBER

MiQUiDOMiQUiDO is a fast-growing international mobile apps development studio focused on creating innovative and compelling solutions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices as well as Google TV set-top boxes.

“We love JetBrains tools! They help us develop amazing mobile apps every day. We believe this cooperation will open a totally new set of opportunities for MiQUiDO.” – Radoslaw Holewa, Co-founder, MiQUiDO

DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuys have one core focus: to help you gain competitive advantage by delivering value to your business and its customers quicker with Continuous Delivery and DevOps Transformation.

“JetBrains products are simply awesome! We can’t make it clearer than that. We’ve used their toolset very effectively to help build high-performance development teams and help them achieve our mantra of “Better Software, Faster.” TeamCity, the JetBrains continuous delivery build platform, is the heart of our approach to continuous delivery and part of our AppSentrik™ platform so becoming a JetBrains Consulting Partner was a natural fit with the DevOpsGuys consulting portfolio. We are immensely excited about the opportunities created by this collaboration for our customers and ourselves!”
– Stephen Thair, Founder, DevOpsGuys

Industrial LogicIndustrial Logic provides Agile & Lean coaching, training, eLearning and eCoaching. Their solutions leverage the safe principles and practices of Lean Startup, Test-Driven Development and other safety-oriented methods.

“We love JetBrains products! They continue to make software development safer by making reliable tools that help developers catch problems long before they escape into production. Our Agile eLearning relies on JetBrains products such as ReSharper, WebStorm and IntelliJ because they provide the best refactoring and test-driven development support available today. JetBrains has been a true partner for Industrial Logic and our clients and we love working together.”
– Joshua Kerievsky, CEO & Founder, Industrial Logic

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